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Business Plans for Intertrade Ireland

InterTradeIreland is a cross-border body funded by the Irish and Northern Irish governments. Its role is to support trade and business development on both sides of the border. As part of its remit, the organisation offers certain financial aids to businesses to help improve capability, drive competitiveness, nurture growth and generate jobs.

For your convenience, we outline the financial supports / grant programmes that are available.

· Acumen

This initiative provides funding of up to €18,750 or £15,000. It is designed to assist businesses in attracting people with the expertise necessary to target new markets effectively. The end goal is to increase cross-border sales.

· Fusion

The Fusion scheme offers funding of up to €37,000 or £31,000 for 12-month projects and up to €52,800 or £44,250 for 18 month projects. Its function is to facilitate technology transfer and the financial support helps businesses get the specialist skills required to do so.

· Elevate

Elevate is specifically designed for micro businesses. It offers funding of up to €6,000 or £5,000. This covers consultancy costs associated with creating a winning cross-border sales development plan.

In addition to the above monetary supports, InterTradeIreland also helps businesses to raise finance independently. This is achieved through the schemes described below.

· Early Stage Funding

Assists start-ups and early stage companies seeking to raise venture capital for growth purposes.

· Funding For Growth

This advisory service gives expert advice to established businesses seeking both traditional and alternative funding sources for expansion purposes.

· Seedcorn

This initiative helps new start-up and early stage companies to become investor-ready. There is a total prize pot of €280,000

· Business Angel Funding

Providing businesses with access to the key Angel Investors and Syndicates in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

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Are you hoping to avail of financial support from InterTradeIreland? Do you need assistance with writing a business plan to go with your application? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Irish Business Plans. We have over ten years’ experience helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas and prepare professional business plans. We would be delighted to help. Get in touch to find out more.

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